• Band

    Flatstick was originally a two man project between guitarists Gary McKay and John Sanders (also known as Doug Steele), both pictured on right. Together they wrote an album named Omnicore and it was released in 2000.

    The Omnicore lineup was as follows…
    John Sanders: Guitars, all male vocals, bass, keys and drum programming.
    Gary McKay: Guitars, bass, keys and drum programming, producer/mixer.
    Marcel Yamounni: Bass on Bend Over and Twilight Dementia.
    Finn Waters: Sax on Bend Over.
    Lisa Huntington: Asian girl on Tony!
    Jennifer Hayes: Female vocals on The Perfect Day.

    Gary passed away from cancer in 2006. He and John had started on album number two.

    Around 2006 / 2007 John started putting local musicians together to form a live version of Flatstick. The plan was to make some new tunes, play some shows and go from there. Five new songs were written and quietly released among friends, but was never made into a proper release, however, it is now available on Bandcamp as the Unfinished Business EP.

    The “live attempt” version of Flatstick lineup was as follows…
    John Sanders: Guitars and vocals.
    Ben (QUIRKORE) Quirk: Guitars and backing vocals.
    Ben Luxford: Bass and backing vocals.
    Dan: Vocals.
    Rob Brens: Drums.

    Chances of Flatstick regrouping or re-recording again are slim at best, but John will continue to make music! He is currently in Melbourne’s Progressive / Fusion Metal band, Alarum. Check out Doug’s website to keep up to date!