• New website!

    by  • June 2, 2015 • News

    Welcome to the new Flatstick website.

    This is something like the fourth version of the Flatstick website. The first would technically be the one John had on killuglytv.com, which is long gone. HOWEVER, you can use The Wayback Machine to view snapshots of archived websites, but a bunch of the links don’t work and it’s very NSFW.
    The second version would have been a shitty Byethost one I made. Byethost are a free service, so it was great for that, but it was also very slow and sucky. You can check that out here, but it is old and hasn’t been updated in forever.
    The third was the same, but we forked over a few bucks to buy a domain name (flatstickkindarocks.com). It was the exact same site, just we had more control.
    And now we fucked that off altogether and this is the new one. CHA-CHING!

    Check out the social media linky-poos on the right where you can connect with Flatstick on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, yada yada yada… Plus Doug’s own website!