• Omnicore

    Released January 1, 2000 (or thereabouts)…

    1. Adios 05:39
    2. Twilight Dementia 06:09
    3. Not Fit To Breathe 03:58
    4. J.E.L.L.U.S. 05:37
    5. Tony! 03:54
    6. The Perfect Day 05:02
    7. Bitter 05:25
    8. Bend Over 05:37
    9. Talking To God 06:53

    John Sanders: Guitar, all male vocals, bass, keys and drum programming. Gary McKay: Guitars, bass, keys and drum programming, producer/mixer. Marcel Yamounni: Bass on Bend Over and Twilight Dementia. Finn Waters: Sax on Bend Over. Lisa Huntington: Asian girl on Tony! Jennifer Hayes: Female vocal on The Perfect Day.

    Recorded at A Secret Place in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia circa 1999. Mastered at Crystal Mastering by John ‘Sorry we messed your ears up dude’ Roberto at Crystal Mastering. Produced by Gary McKay and John Sanders. All music and lyrics by John Sanders and Gary McKay. CD artwork by Matt O’Meara.